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Phrak Jan29-08 10:36 PM

Why Does The Earth's Core Spin
1 Why does the Earth's core spin in relation to the crust?
2. How quickly are viscous effects slowing it down, if it actually is slowing down?


Andre Jan30-08 07:25 AM

The question whether or not the inner core spins faster than the mantle crust is debated for over a decade. The Last publication suggest that there is a very small super rotation factor around 0,1 sec per decade or 8.6 million years for a revolution, compared to the first estimates of one rotation every 400 years.

Why? Any explanation is speculation although Gary Glatzmaiers geo magnetism model predicted a superrotation. So he is happy. And if that's correct then obviously the spinning of the inner core would likely react on magneto dynamic variation.

Phrak Jan30-08 10:40 PM

Way cool, Andre. Thanks for the info.

I'm been suffering under the impression since gradeschool that the core rotated at a significant rate--far more than quoted in your references.

I was interested in this topic as to the origine of the Earth's magnetohydrodynamics sources, so it was nice to see it address in your links.


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