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jal Aug19-08 02:47 PM

“Teaching aids”
The moderators and Gurus might want some recent “teaching aids”.
Perhaps you will want to put some of these into a "sticky"
The CERN site is producing some very good “teaching aids”. If you can, look at the ppt presentation, since it has animations.
There are 3 pdf files at Summer Student Lecture Programme Course, 2008
From Heavy-Ion Collisions to Quark Matter (1/3)
by Lourenco, C (CERN)

that gives an explanation of what they are doing to probe QCD.

malawi_glenn Aug20-08 02:31 AM

Re: “Teaching aids”
I think it is mentioned in the lectures, I think all of the lectures from CERN summer school -08 was filmed, so you can listen to the lecturer meanwhile you are watching the slides.

If I can recommend some REALLY good lectures to you, check out G.Ross and A.Pitch's lectures about QFT and Standard model, awesome!

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