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karthik3k May28-04 02:33 AM

RNA Splicing Software ???
What is the Softwares used to predict RNA splicing sites ???

Monique May28-04 04:55 AM

I don't know which ones are regarded the best, but GeneSplicer is a software program freely available through the Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR).

Monique May28-04 05:02 AM

The following bioinformatics webpage contains a comprehensive collection of available bioinformatic tools, look under Intron Exon.

karthik3k May28-04 10:09 AM

Hey thanks :)

But, i dont want anything which sequesters introns and exons.

Coz i suspect that splicing takes place inside INTRON.
So software has 2 identify only the site of action and not separating introns and exons !!!

Monique May28-04 11:54 AM

? but if you know where the introns and exons are, you can automatically deduce the splice site.. and these software programs are not perfect in predicting splicing, especially the first one is difficult to get correct I believe.

If you suspect alternative splicing is taking place, I'd do some molecular biology experiments..

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