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Mkorr Jan28-11 02:55 PM

Being Too Pedantic?
If someone asks me what the area of a circle is, should I respond:

(1) pi*r^2

(2) As a circle in the plane is defined as the set of all points in the plane that lie r units from O, so it does not technically have an area, but you probably mean the area of the surface that the circle encloses, alternatively the area of corresponding disc which is pi*r^2.


How pedantic can one reasonable be? Until others start complaining? How do I know? Should I ask? How can I become less pedantic in my social relationships?

cristo Jan28-11 03:27 PM

Re: Being Too Pedantic?

BobG Jan28-11 03:38 PM

Re: Being Too Pedantic?
If this were my girlfriend asking, I'd just calculate it in my head and give a numerical answer. It avoids all kinds of arguments and is probably what they really wanted to know anyway.

Jimmy Snyder Jan28-11 03:42 PM

Re: Being Too Pedantic?
My wife claims that I'm too pedantic. For instance, I asked her if she would be home in time to cook dinner and she said yes. When she came home much too late I asked her about it but she said I took her too literally.

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