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Kutt Jan28-13 01:47 AM

A question about allergies
Is it true that the more you are exposed to a particular allergy, such as pet dander for example, the more resistance you develop to it and the less severe it becomes?

I used to be horrifically allergic to cats, and underwent years worth of extensive allergy treatment and now I do not suffer from pet allergies at all.

Monique Jan28-13 04:12 AM

Re: A question about allergies
Not really, continued high exposure in not good for someone with allergies.

However, it is possible to desensitize by exposure to very low levels of the allergen that's slowly increased. This is also called immunotherapy:

pumila Apr17-13 03:52 PM

Certain allergies get worse with each normal exposure. Desensitising does not use normal exposure, otherwise allergies would fail to establish themselves in the normal course of events.

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