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Nov22-03, 11:25 AM
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Originally posted by Andre
I think I said it before but my guess is that one of the possible heat sources is friction, especially in the inner /outer core boundary and the core mantle boundary, where external forces acting upon earth, especially the precession of the equinoxes will generate accellerations, hence movement and hence drag or resistance.

It has been argued that Earth magnetic field is tied to that precession reactions as there has been a study long ago that suggested that there was some correlation between precession rates and magnetic field of the different planets. The paleomagnetic excursions, that we see about every 50-100,000 years may indicate that some severe things are going on over there, chaotic eddies perhaps that create a lot of drag/heat periodically. This all slows down Earth. So the Earths turning energy may be converted to heat.

Just thinking.
Hey Andre, how about taking out an old envelope and doing some OOM (order of magnitude) calculations on the back of it? You know, surface area of your favourite boundary, coefficient of friction, distance moved, energy generated, time period, ... you could quickly determine how realistic your thinking is!