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Jun11-06, 03:11 PM
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Ofcourse the collection she has at the museum is interesting! But every artifact you see in that museum is not her work nor did she recovered it! But that's not the point; the point is that they are using every method possible to stop the excavation project! Why?

Haven't they seen the latest pictures (i mean the latest carl, they are unbelieveble) and yet they keep pressuring the idea that decorating floors we can see on the pictures are ruins from the old Bosnian city! OK! How do you explain the fact that it is now burried two meters under soil? The ancient Bosnian city that sits on top was not build before 1200's, and until know that period of time is definetly not long enough to forget that kind of earth movement or whatever happend to burry it two meters under soil!

Since the world's best archeologists have denied Osmanagic's claim for now mr. Osmanagic is the best we've got so far!