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There was an interesting conversation at Distler's blog between the owner and fh. I thought really thought-provoking points were raised.
I would like to copy some sample exerpts here.

the main address for Prof Distler's blog is:

This particular thread, which he titled "THE LQG LANDSCAPE", is here

If you go to Distler blog and want to print it out, on my printer it is from PAGE 27 ONWARDS. so you don't have to print the first 27 pages if you just want the fh/Distler discussion

If you are scrolling down, It starts just before a long series of posts labeled WELCOME
because when fh came in (at 2 July 1:13 PM mytime) he said
"A few comments from a newcomer. Prof Distler you,..."
and Distler was perhaps pleased by the courtesy of being called Prof or by the thoughtfulness of the post, and he replied immediately and, with cordial affability, he labeled his reply WELCOME. In this way the whole subsequent branch or subthread of discussion got labeled RE:WELCOME.

So that makes it easier to find if you are scrolling down looking for it.

there are now over a hundred comments in all, so it helps to know what one is looking for.
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