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Jul8-06, 04:51 AM
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"Of course we will object to this by saying, pick any choice of low energy physics entailing a choice metric (say flat space), you better *hope* your theory captures anomalies in this limit. It is super bizarre and completely counter to everything we've ever learned to expect that the anomolous currents are not in the higher energy theory but rather restored in the low energy modes."

As I said at some point (and I did get carried away), one is free to claim that the quantization employed is unphysical, it certainly looks extremely strange from a particle physicists PoV, but one can not claim that it's wrong, doesn't exist, is stupid, the people working in it are exagerating, or that they aren't aware of this strangeness.

There appears to be a complete unwillingness to acceptt these strange resulty and take them as an indication that something non trivial is going on. Instead, without even examining them, they are rejected.

This is frustrating, since I am just a student of LQG at the moment I see month for month more how these things work and even though I don't have a good understanding on a detailed level it becomes increasingly clear how much the critzism misses the point.