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Jul10-06, 02:42 PM
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An additional note: the "damping" of QFT infinities due to gravitational background is, as f-h tells in the discussion, an old theme. A article I had noted to read sometime, and to follow citations, is Infinity suppression in gravity modified quantum electrodynamics by Isham, Salam and Strathdee

I guess they use the perturbative approach around the Minkowski background (I guess they could also choose Schwarzschild or so) both for the gravitational field as well as for the Maxwell field no? That sounds ok to me since it is well known that *classical* gravity tames the coulomb self energy up to the compton scale of elementary particles - at the cost of a gravitational singularity though (so you have to introduce a cutoff no matter what...). But this trio seems to have written lots of interesting papers in that time : another one is ``the influence of f gravity on gravitational collaps'' (1973). You can pick these for free on the trieste preprint site, actually the one you referred to is