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Jul30-06, 01:47 PM
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As an example of Craftsman power tools:
I own a Craftsman compound miter saw (birthday gift). After a year's operation, the electric brake part of the motor has gone on the fritz. It's intermittent and when it does work, squeals like a banshee. I tried replacing up front items like the brushes and bearings, but no good. So I called Craftsman. They told me that I should buy a replacement motor at a cost of about 125% of the whole saw. The rep actually tried to justify the expense. No more for Craftsman.

I would love to get a lathe and a mill for my garage. No way that's happening. I'll just keep using the 5 axes machines at work.

I don't particularily have a preference in power tools. Especially in the cordless area, I have to read up on each tool that I buy. No one has a lock on portables. I have been given a B&D 18 v Firestorm, which has served me well, but it's batteries and charger leave MUCH to be desired. I won't be buying them again most likely. When I get another, it will be between Miluwakee, Porter Cable and Dewalt. Of course, that means shelling out the bucks.