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Dec3-03, 08:52 PM
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Hi Russ- yes - I agree with everthing you have said - that fact that SR has survived so many test is certainly a reason for its endorsement - I am not an advocate of the Lorentz Either theory - and I am not able to say exactly how far away one would have to conduct experiments to validate or disprove the gravitational conditioning theory... when I first came across it, I regarded it as a last gasp attempt on the part of the anti-relativists to salvage the ether in view of the GPS results .. but I there are still nagging issues that point to an underlying dynamic - whatever if anything it may turn out to be - I won't go into most of them - but there is the relationship between the time dilation in GR and SR that is coincidentally equal if one considers that space is flowing (inrushing) past an object in in lower gravitational potential - we get exactly the same time dilation based upon the velocity of the inflow aqs we would get if the clock were moving through space relative to an observer and the dilation is calculated based upon its velocity relative to the observer - anyway - wife is calling for dinner - don't have any answers - just some unanswered questions