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Sep8-06, 10:58 AM
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Applied Science school vs. Engineering school?

I was in the same boat you were. I came out of the military and was enrolled in a program for electronics engineering technology. I wanted to do some form of electrical engineering at a 4 year institution. So I called up the school I wanted to attend (now my current school) EE department and asked them if what I was doing was a good idea.

Their answer was: NO. If you want to transfer into our engineering program you should take the calculus series (and Diff EQ), chemistry, physics and the rest of your general ed (humanities, English, etc).

What I strongly recommend doing is calling the university you want to attend and asking their CIS or EE/CS department (depends on how the Univ. is set up) and seeing what they recommend for transfers. More than likely they should have a transfer student course layout. From what I understand most public schools have agreements with CC that if you complete certain courses with a certain GPA you will get admitted into their program. I did it and now I am junior in EE at the University I always wanted to go to!