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Sep9-06, 04:25 PM
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My experience at CC was mostly good.

The access to the faculty at CC was a huge plus. As were the small class sizes. The only downside was that some of the material at my CC seemed a bit watered down compared to the same offerings at the local university, especially the math and science (I think it was to accommodate students of varying abilities -- the school was making the transition from trade school to CC at the time I attended). But, the teachers themselves seemed very knowledgable and many were willing (eager even) to stay after class and go over the more advanced material if you wanted to.

The head of our math and science department was a graduate of MIT and UC Berkely. He had a great teaching style and he was really freindly and down-to-earth (I got a lot of one-on-one help from him and I wasn't even in his class).
I also had a phenomenal philosophy teacher. Extremely lively discussions and debates, and he had this uncanny knack for making the most abstract and hard to grasp concepts easy to understand. I looked forward to his classes and even signed up for a few courses I had little interest in (originally) and no need for in my requirements, just so I could have him as a teacher again.

Overall my experience was good. A few so-so teachers and only one truly horrible teacher (I think he was learning the material along with us ).

EDIT: And I totally agree with MiH about the CC administrators. The school I attended was in the process of changing from trade school to CC (and secured a number of articulation agreements with local universities). The attendence sky rocketed and the school's facilities and resources were really taxed. The school was making money hadn-over-fist but really didn't seem to put any of that money back into the school (e.g. the school only had enough parking for about 1/3 the student body. When the student's complained the school basically said "too bad, it isn't or responsibility to provide parking to every student" yet still charged all of us for parking passes. It didn't get fixed until residents in the area (who had studetns parking along the streets and blocking driveways) complained to the city which pressured the school to act).