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Sep10-06, 11:44 PM
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It has been in my brain since I was a little child, and it is a driving force. I love (and have always loved) blues, well-motivated pop, rock&roll, marches and anthems, ragtime, jazz (most, except the most rambling, self-gratifying crap), etc. I cannot warm up to rap (usually smart-mouthed misogynysts with drum machines) or opera, although I'll keep my options open in case anything listenable comes along. I am of primarily French-Indian heritage and grew up listening to Pop, Maritime, Country, and Race Music, etc over 50 years ago. When I was a small child, my great uncle moved into a tiny apartment and gave my mother his console record player and his LPs, so I had access to the Ink Spots and the Mills Brothers and others who were never played on radio stations in central Maine. He used to run a taxi service, and in the winter months, he would drive to the top of a local ridge after sunset and tune in his car radio to megawatt AM stations from all over the country to listen to to country and blues. Sometimes, he would stop and pick me up - I still remember sipping on a Coke while he nursed a Pabst or two, listening to the Porter Wagoner Show or the Grand Ole Oprey from Wheeling West Virginia, or blues from Buffalo or Chicago.