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Sep16-06, 09:39 AM
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Quote Quote by SpaceTiger several bugs. But most importantly, this spider decided to feast on my elbow last night:

Broad-Faced Sac Spider
Nice looking spider. I see them here periodically and I have to escort them outside if other family members notice them.

Quote Quote by SpaceTiger
"SpaceTiger was a simple man who cared for nothing but his family, his country, and the sheep he tended. His presence (or lack thereof) was an inspiration to us all and he will be sorely missed at [your address here]."
Can we add "the starry skies" to the list of things that you cared nothing about? Do you have any last requests? What is your favorite drink, so the we can properly toast you?

You might try Benadryl, topically and orally, if you have a reaction to the bite.