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Dec9-06, 01:53 PM
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Help relive my current obsession.

Mr. Kim and his wife and children have paid a high price for his bad decisions.

This seems to be a case of someone from an urban area going out into Nature with little or no experience with the wilderness. It was reckless.

I've visited several National Parks in the west. The rangers and staff are adamant about respecting the wilderness, which means keeping distance with wild animals. However, every year, someone gets seriously injured or killed by elk or bison, rather than bear, because they get too close and the animal reacts defensively. Also, people go hiking without sun screen, proper clothing or water. I saw a young woman hiking on the Bright Angel Trail in shorts and short sleeve shirt. Her thighs had a red/purple hue, which indicated severe sunburn, and she was about an hour down from the rim. She was already in a lot of pain. All I could do was suggest she cover her legs and get to the infirmary ASAP.

James Kim--family man, gadget fan
James Kim was a respected expert on cutting-edge digital devices, an owner of a trendy clothing store and a lover of the futuristic-sounding music known as electronica.
Is this selective intelligence? They guy was apparently tech savvy, but knew nothing of the dangers of being exposed to the elements.

If I go to an area where I have never been, I get maps (particularly USGS or equivalent terrain maps which show contours) and study them. I learn landmarks and the terrain. I know orientation of the sun, moon and stars. And very importantly, I study the weather in advance, especially in winter time, and I know that ambient temperatures decrease with altitude.

Integral, try not to obsess over this situation - we can't turn back time and the decisions of others are out of our hands. Hopefully, others will learn from Kim's mistakes.