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Dec9-06, 02:48 PM
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Such vandalism is hard to deal with in this region. As the Kims discovered there is no traffic for weeks or even months up many of these roads. Then we have a large population of jerks with 4x4 s, chain saws, and rifles. How do you stop someone from breaking open gates in these conditions?
I let the local snowmobile club maintain a 1/2 mile long trail on the eastern boundary of my property with the understanding that they keep it gated whenever the trail is not passable by snowmobile. The reason for this is that there is a fairly steep grade down to a brook about halfway in, and another steeper grade up the other side of my property and both grades have spring-holes that keep the trail wet. I do not want 4-wheelers ripping up that trail and causing soil erosion into that little brook, nor does the snowmobile club want to spend thousands of dollars a year to repair the trail. Though the trail across the road is not legal for 4-wheeler traffic, it is not gated, and groups of these idiots routinely show up on this trail. Despite the sign at the crossing on my property that says "No Vehicular Traffic Beyond this Point" there is always at least one person in every group that rides his 4-wheeler past the sign and on down to the gate, to see if they can open the gate or get around it. When I confront them, they are sometimes apologetic, but more often surly and argumentative. I own a 4-wheeler and use it with a dump-trailer to haul manure, peat moss, firewood, etc. I will not register it and use it on trails because I do not want to be lumped in with these destructive creeps.

Every bit of technology, whether a special-purpose machine, a gun, or a mapping system (in Kim's instance) carries positive and negative potentials. In the hands of the clueless, very bad things can happen, especially when compounded by emotion. Apparently, Kim lacked survival training and common sense. His vehicle was shelter, a source of heat, possible means of escape if weather conditions moderated, and a large target for aerial searchers. The smartest thing to do would have been to stay with his family, start a good bonfire and keep throwing fresh boughs on it to produce smoke. If he had done these things he would be alive.