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Dec14-06, 06:24 AM
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Single particle interference

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The way out might be to step back and drop the assumption that QM applies to any single
Ofcourse QM applies to any single particle at the atomic scale. What are you saying ?

At the same time QM cannot predict where exactly a single photon in the double slit experiment will hit the screen.
So ? What is that supposed to mean ?

This attitude is called the statistical interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. The wave
function there describes ensembles of identically prepared quantum objects and not
an individual quantum object.
ANY "attidude" of QM should NOT contradict with it's basic fundaments.

The theory of single quantum objects is still to be discovered.

Good question, anyway!

Oooh, no, is this the single particle stuff again ? I already explained you why you were WRONG making such claims.

HERE IS SOMETHING FOR YOU. Read the second and third paragraph on the Quantum Computer. You might actually read the very opposite of what you have been saying in this and the other thread with respect to a particle's self interference/interaction.