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Apr9-03, 09:04 PM
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Originally posted by Mentat
Look at the word "afterlife", and tell me you don't see a compound word. It is obviously composed of the words, "after" and "life". Unless the grub dies, before becoming a butterfly (which it doesn't), the butterfly is not an afterlife of the grub.
Use your imagination!

And yet there will come a time in the life of the grub when an amazing transformation takes place, and through this one silken thread (wisdom) he spins his little cocoon and prepares for a very long deep sleep (death). And yet he finally awakens, only to discover that he's a new creature, and that indeed, there is an afterlife! Well at least for grubs anyway.

Isn't it a marvel that a grub can do this? Whose to say it isn't any different for human beings? Mother Nature has many mysteries to teach us which, after all, is what gave rise to science isn't it?