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Jan23-07, 02:55 PM
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Now I'm not a science or physics teacher or anything.. but I had to do this as an extra credit assignment.. and so far some of the things that have been said.. are false.. like we would not blow up because according to the H-R scale blue is 50,000 C.. which means that Blue is a new star.. red on the other hand means that it is dying or is really old.. and has not a lot of hydrogen left to fuse..

If our sun was blue.. we would adapt slowly.. everything for us would be tinted blue.. because of the way we see light right now.. we see it as 'white' light.. and if it were to be blue it would change.
our water would be a gorgeous color blue.. our skin would have a tint of blue in it too..

No, we would not explode.. One because it takes a star trillions of years to get to a stage where it could even have it possible for it to explode.. it has to be dying..

now if it was a blue super giant i doubt we would be here because super giants if one was to replace our sun would reach all the way out to jupiter.. but if it was a main sequence star it would just change our light..

if you think about it.. how many things in the world are caucasion colored.. not much.. so we would be affected..

this is just my opinion..