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Jan4-04, 09:02 PM
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Originally posted by Integral

We must separate Heavy Metal from main stream when it comes to sound amplification. In Heavy Metal distortion is a desirable feature. I would bet that the signal is over driven at every possible step of the way. Over driving an amp tends to induce clipping, which results in square waves, thus odd harmonics.

Now with this in consideration, I am surprised that you prefer the the tube amp and its tendency to favor even harmonics (as you claim) as this would tend to damp out the odd harmonics you are attempting to force. Hummm....

What you seem to be saying is that the solid state amp reproduces the effects I am trying cause TO FAITHFULLY.

Perhaps some of the engineering types can add to this.
This is just a guess, but perhaps why I find tube amps to give a better distorted sound is that it's more evenly balanced between even and odd harmonics, while a solid state amp would heavily favor odd harmonics.