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Feb17-07, 12:56 PM
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So I experience "dejavues" quite alot. expecially when im over tired or stressed out. When I have a dejavue however, i go into this dream like state and nothing feels real, i will have a vision or feeling of a dejavue i have had before or even a dream. its hard to explain. and when the dejavue is done I can NEVER remember what it was about or what happened. i will usually loose some of my memory of my day. and i also tend to have them in my sleep too and when i wake up i feel like im in a dream for the rest of the day. Also when you have a dejavue, do u become very nauseous and sick to your stomach, dizzy and tired..and then when its done a very bad headache?
As explained above, deja vu is a symptom, not the illness itself. You need to discuss all of your symptoms that you just described here with your personal physician. Memory loss, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, headache, etc., are symptoms that should not be dismissed, and could indicate a serious health problem. Please contact your physician promptly. If you experience the symptoms again before you can get to a scheduled appointment, you should seek emergency treatment...the best chance of making a definitive diagnosis will be to have an examination while experiencing the symptoms you're describing.