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Jimmy Snyder
Feb23-07, 01:50 PM
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You've almost re-discovered the EPR Bell paradox !

Almost. Because the start was good (with the singlet state and so on).
But afterwards you don't use it.

Consider this:

Out of a bag containing white and black balls, one picks a ball and cut it in two halves. Each half is sent off in two different directions: one to you, and the other one to the cat. If half a black ball enters the device, the cat is killed. If it is half a white ball, not so.

Upon receipt of your half of the ball, you know that when it is black, the cat is dead now, and if it is white, the cat lives.
But in your scenario, the chump will take my money. His confederate saw the balls when they took off and sent a light signal to him. He got the information before the half-a-ball arrived. In my scenario, his confederate didn't know what would happen to the cat when the spin zero particle decayed.