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Feb23-07, 01:58 PM
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Cheating a faster than light signal.

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But in your scenario, the chump will take my money. His confederate saw the balls when they took off and sent a light signal to him. He got the information before the half-a-ball arrived. In my scenario, his confederate didn't know what would happen to the cat when the particle decayed.
But why do you allow the confederate to see which ball was picked in the classical scenario, but forbid the confederate to see the result of your spin measurement in the quantum scenario? That seems a little arbitrary, you could just as well say that in the classical scenario the choice of which ball to cut in half was made in a sealed room by an impartial judge, while in the quantum scenario a confederate was secretly observing your spin measurement and passed that information on to the would-be chump using a light-signal. Basically it all just comes down to which macroscopic event you allow the confederate to see and which you keep secret from him.