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Feb25-07, 11:59 PM
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??I greatly doubt that there is some technology waiting in the wings that will allow us to continue to consume as much as possible, as fast as we can produce it.

Population isn't the only problem. The 1st world populations are more of a burden on the environment than the larger 3rd world populations.

Since the second world war, our economy has become more and more driven by marketing. Previous generations believed in frugal living. We now have an upside down economy which would be actually threatened instead of strengthened if its members chose to live withiin their means.

A technology to sequester CO2, or a technology to produce clean power, would be welcome. But it still would not allow us to overconsume without consequences.
Would you agree then that we live in some equivalent of a 'schizoid' like economic social system then?
It somewhat reminds me of the boat with the hole in its bottom being chosen as the one most sea worthy. To stress 'hyper-consumption' to fuel continued economic growth, when we know that its feeding into the exact thing causing 'the hole in the boat', makes no sense. But we cannot see it because we were indoctrinated into this thinking.
*Beliefs are hard to break, and I've been criticized many times for speaking like either a commie, marxist, or socialist.
I'm none of any, just someone who wants a relative sanity in this world before its too late.

??:I'm just wondering(not being a chemist),, doesn't Hydrogen contain every property of all elements beneath it on the Periodic Table?
*If so, what is so difficult to incorporate it as the new Paradigm which fuels a modern economy?
I hope no one is going to tell me the reason is about 'control' of this resource.