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George Jones
Mar18-07, 08:53 AM
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Clearly, there are shortcomings at the quantum scale, but this is another matter entirely.
I disagree with this.

In quantum field theory, the vacuum is not like a classical vacuum, it is the ground state of the system. In classical physics, the zero for energy (think mgh) can be chosen arbitarily, but in general relativity, mass/energy is responsible for the spacetime curvature that is gravity, so establishing the zero is important. Many physicsts believe dark energy is the energy of the quantum vacuum, but naive calculations give what might be the worst disagreement between theory and experiment in the history of science.

Because of all this, I think that understanding the relationship between the quantum vacuum and (a possible modification of) general relativity is necessary (but maybe not sufficient) for an understanding of dark energy. Maybe dark matter too.

I think that MOND is too ugly to be correct, but this opinion is far from scientific. Experiments are important.