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William Astley
Mar21-07, 09:59 PM
P: 61
Hi Andre:

Re: "This disdains a global character of the cooling. Also there are good signs that there was no ice age going on in the lower lattitudes (Colinvaux et al 2000, Kastner & Goņi 2003,). That's why I invented the pulsating equator."

Why don't you start a new thread, to discuss the Pulsating Equator Hypothesis hypothesis. I would be interested to discuss, but I need a better base from which to start the discussion. What is the hypothesized mechanism? What drives it? Is it periodic?

As to significantly warmer temperatures, at LGM. Does the sea level reflect higher or lower temperatures, at the LGM? i.e. Is there data that does not support significantly warmer temperatures? Does other data support the hypthosis? If not why not?

See the attached link to a paper that discusses sea level last 350 kyrs.

As to the high latitudes being warm during the LGM, can you provide a link to a full paper rather than to an abstract? Without data and analysis there is nothing to discuss.