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May1-07, 10:00 AM
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Yeah -- he probably doesn't do anything but prepare for those 4 hours of work.
My thoughts exactly.

Then we also get this gem:
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The thing is i don t really think research it is that difficult consider that he has so much free time
kant, do you have the slightest idea how difficult it is to do original and meaningful research? It could very well take many years of hard work.

Also, not to derail this thread, there are many great textbooks. You just have to know where to look. For classical analysis for instance, there's Apostol's Mathematical Analysis, Simmons's Topology and Modern Analysis -- this one was actually recommended by mathwonk, and I found it to be great, Rudin's Real & Complex, Bartle's Elements of Integration and Lebesgue Measure, and the list goes on. See mathwonk's thread stickied in this forum: "who wants to be a mathematician?" And also the textbook subforum. People recommend and praise good texts all the time.