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May19-07, 05:41 PM
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does anyone else notice when you sit alone all day reading books or on the computer you slowly fall into a state of depression, especially when it's something like continuous studying. after so many months you start to get lonely. i think your mind needs more stimulation than what you can find in a house after six months, the only problem is you can't find anyone to relate to, yes there are people close but no one to talk to if you know what i mean.
Sounds familiar.

I managed to develop a *habit* of not going out and socializing with my friends. I was simply going through a phase of disappointment, and frankly, I did have better things to do in my life. But during that time, it kind of "grew into" me, and I developed a huge amount of unnecessary unsecurity and fear/anxiety about trivial things, such as simply going out and having a few beers. Now it's getting better, since I perceived it, analyzed it, and decided to change it.

The point is - one needs to move, and I'm referring to the most general meaning of that verb.