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Jul1-07, 09:48 PM
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As the tile says, anyone's got an idea what the g-forces might be at the boundary of a black hole's event horizon? I got a formula to calculate the event horizon radius but not the the gravitational forces. Equivalence to Earth G's would be nice or in m/s2 = meter per second squared!
Well, it firstly depends on what you mean by force. I presume that you mean gravitational tidal forces. They are very large past the event horizon of a black hole, but I cannot provide you with exact numbers.

Is it also true that if I accelerate a craft to that equivalent g-force, will it produce an artificial event horizon?
Again, what do you mean here by "g-force"? It is true that any accelerating observer will have a sort of event horizon, however it is not the same as an event horizon around a black hole. The event horizon that the accelerating observer experiences is only a one way event horizon-- there exists regions of spacetime from which causal rays cannot reach the observer, but not vice-versa.