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Jul4-07, 04:14 PM
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Lmao, masaka. I appreciate your input about traction, but I gather that your initial response is "what you said is true, but in addition..." ?

but let me observe your statement for a minute. You say that if the force in the direction of the rear tires exceeds that of the traction of the front tires, then regardless of which direction you turn, you will go in the direction of the F applied to the tires. I assume this also works with momentum since this is true when you brake and your tires slide.

But in your scenario, you describe that the car has already begun a turn before loosing traction such that the momentum is still going in the direction you were initially going, but he car has already turned a large degree. I am still trying to imagine the forces at work here, since I know that you can pitch a car sideways.