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Jul14-07, 09:36 PM
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fear (often of embarrassment or failure) is a big enemy of learning. keep fighting it.

there is almost no limit to what we can do when we RE NOT AFRAID TO TRY.
i completely agree with this. my first week of Calculus, i was so damn scared bc not only was i thinking to myself, ok i didn't take Calculus in HS (so no previous exposure) and now my algebra is kicking my ***. our first test, i studied a lot and it was my highest grade. before Calculus, i never knew about "solution's manuals" and i found out about it, lol. so i bought the manual and many times when i was stuck, i referred to it. it became an addiction ... the first week of Calculus, i would think in my sleep how to solve the problems, Calculus was continually racing through my mind. after that, i felt robbed ... i was no longer thinking as much as i did the first week. but i told myself, this isn't good so for everytime i used the manual, i would spend a little more time analyzing the problem. i notice this problem with my classmates as well, they would even have the manual open while doing their homework ... ultimately, they dropped. anyways, solution manuals are bad, but answers to the exercises aren't so bad.

btw, i don't bring my manual with me anymore, i want to relive the first week of Calculus over and over :)