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Aug9-07, 07:45 AM
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key notes:
-i like math
-i want to focus on softwares AND hardware as an equal
-dont like science
-dont like history
- Thats good. You'll find yourself taking some courses on signals as a junior/senior. Then there are more specialized courses for CEs such as DSP (digital signal processing). You'll also find yourself taking a bunch of courses that EEs take (which are math intensive).

- Well in my school CE is just this. You take of bunch of programming, computer architecture, analog and (more) digital circuit design courses with the final hope of integrating all of these skills to make useful computer controlled systems.

- You don't to like every aspect of it. Liking electrodynamics would be nice though. You should pay special attention to your courses in electricity and magnetism.

- Me neither

- CEs have the ability to be very flexible. They can specialize in anything from circuit design (analog and digital), computer controlled systems design, embedded systems design and programming to name a few.