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Sep18-07, 08:49 PM
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That is a valid point, but he did cover that

You would have the centripetal force from the spin...
Clearly, the centripetal force could not create a spherical shell, since it is nonexistent at the poles. It could only ever create a doughnut-shaped body, like the rings of Saturn. But like rings, such things are typically gravitationally unstable and tend to collect into single, solid bodies (aka, moons).

Regarding his other issues with gravity:
The key to all of our gravity is the mass of the Earth. If the mass of the Earth is wrong, then so are our estimates for those of other bodies. If the mass of the Earth has been overstated, then it follows that the masses of all other bodies in the solar system have also been overstated. If the Earth is hollow, then so too is every other planet in the solar system.
Correct - therefore the calculated mass of the earth could not possibly be wrong. You can't have a hollow gas giant (or sun, for that matter), and we've sent space probes to every planet and many, many moons. Obviously, our understanding of gravity must be correct.

I love self-debunking crackpots!