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Oct28-07, 03:16 PM
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A friend has one with his DSL service. I was planning to put in a wireless router (which I may still do depending on need) and discovered that the Westell 327W modem also has a built in router with cable/wireless capability.

There is a forum that deals with DSL matters, and it addresses this particular system.

I found this useful.,12262394

Note in method one -
Assign your Versalink router an IP address that is in the same class as your Linksys router. Meaning if assigned your Linksys router has an IP address of, then you give the Versalink router the IP address of Use the subnet mask of should be - the third numbers (octet) should be the same.

One can use the modem/router strictly as a modem and let the separate router be the network (LAN and DHCP) controller.

I'm used to a dump modem without the router built in.
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