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Nov10-07, 08:56 AM
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Certainly the problem can be solved numerically (FD or FE), and I believe analytically, but I'd have to dig back in my archives for that.

one could write \nu_1 and \nu_2 in thex LaTeX expressions before \Sigma.

I think this is how the equations are supposed to look:

[tex]-{D_1}\frac{{d^2}\phi_1}{dx^2}\,+\,\Sigma_{R1}\phi_1\,=\,\frac{1}{k}({\n u_1}{\Sigma_{f1}\phi_1}\,+\,{\nu_2}{\Sigma_{f2}\phi_2})[/tex]

[tex]-{D_2}\frac{{d^2}\phi_2}{dx^2}\,+\,\Sigma_{a2}\phi_2\,=\,{\Sigma_{s12}}\ phi_1[/tex]

Just looking these, one could collect coefficents and rewrite the equations as:

[itex]\phi_1[/itex]'' + A [itex]\phi_1[/itex] = B [itex]\phi_2[/itex]

[itex]\phi_2[/itex]'' + C [itex]\phi_2[/itex] = D [itex]\phi_1[/itex]