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Nov15-07, 04:24 PM
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No, I'm saying that the Wiki article is wrong (gasp). It wasn't her son's high school chemistry teacher.
This is the first time you've mentioned wikipedia. I haven't read the wiki article. The only reference I've seen to a high school teacher is this on the Liquid paper site. It doesn't mention it being her son's teacher.

Ever resourceful, Graham recruited an office supplier, a school chemistry teacher and a friend from a paint company to help her perfect her product which was becoming increasingly popular. Her son Michael and his friends helped fill bottles of Mistake Out with the whiteout in the garage. Graham had a good product, and renamed it Liquid Paper in 1958, but it was certainly no overnight success. She continued to work in the bank, managing the business after hours, making batches in her kitchen, packing and distributing from the garage.