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Dec16-07, 02:54 PM
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Some random questions on exhange particles that I hope are not too basic :

- What happens to the Z boson in your (and Pati-Salam) model;
It looks like the W^+ and W^- bosons show up as is, but
the Z is "replaced" by two new bosons : B_1^+,B_1^-;
The photon is burried somehere inside D2_{ew}; is it
W^3 + B_1^3 -sqrt(2/3)B_2 (page 11)

- I think you use circles as a suggestive notation for
"exchange particles". I can identify the purple and yellow
circles (proudly since age 5). I have trouble with the
green ones, do they correspond to anything that might be
more recongnizable?