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Ed Quanta
Mar1-04, 11:49 PM
P: 297
Ok, I been at it for a while, and I can't for the life of me prove this using induction.

I am told the following
u^0=u u^1=u' u^n+1= (u^n)'

This and the laws for first derivative of a sum, and product, as well as dealing with multiplication by constants is all I know about differentiation.

If P(n) is the statement regarding the nth derivative of a product
formula, I cannot show that P(n) implies P(n+1).

What I tried doing is differentiating the righthand side of the formula, and used the theorem that I stated two posts earlier to rewrite the left handside of the equation without success. I'm sorry if I am being confusing again, but can someone lead me in any direction at all?