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Jan5-08, 02:29 AM
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One time, I think twelve years ago (which would be back when I was 11), Jay Leno was doing his "Headlines" segment. One of them was a restaurant ad which stated "come in and try our paved road." I also remember a headline from about that long ago, another ad which featured a salesman holding up some of his products. But if you looked very closely, you saw that the man somehow had three arms. The last arm was hard to distinguish, but once you saw it, it was most definitely a third arm. Now this clearly wasn't intentional, since the ad had nothing to do with multitasking. Somehow they had just screwed up in this most peculiar way.

So why is it that these two things which I remember so vividly are Jay Leno headlines? I have no idea. I don't even watch Jay Leno regularly, nor am I typically a fan of comedy. I guess they just seared themselves into my memory somehow! Whether they'll have the same effect on you, I can't say.