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Jan30-08, 07:23 AM
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I was recruited by General Physics Corp as their prime talent in Pulp (4 years as a process chemist in a new Kraft pulp mill) and Paper (6 years as lead operator on the world's most advanced on-line coated and calendered fine-paper machine) when they decided to start a division concentrated on training/consulting to that industry. The crew that they assembled for that start-up division was almost entirely drawn from the Navy nuke sub service. VERY sharp, level-headed guys with multiple skill-sets, steady personalities, and can-do attitudes. I have never before or since worked with a staff that I could trust as implicitly.

If you can take advantage of the Navy training and use it to your advantage, it will make you pretty darned employable, especially if you go into subs. In the sub service, you'll have to take on a lot of extra training and duties (no substitutes if another crew-member gets sick or dies) and you'll have to be pretty darned stable and strong, emotionally. Those are pretty positive qualities when you're looking for work after your military service. BTW, if you are looking for work after a successful career in subs, contact GP - they LOVE hiring ex-sub-service vets.
Sounds good!