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Feb5-08, 05:14 PM
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Suppose you put the data into Excel.

In Math'ca type

data = Import[at which point go to Insert menu, then select File Path, then (in the dialog box) double-click on the Excel data file

then type ] to close the Import bracket.

The input line will look like:
data = Import["C:\\My Documents\\Excel file.xls"]

Put the cursor anywhere on the line and hit Shift+Enter.

Math'ca will take a second or two to read the data.

You will have created a Math'ca data table named data. For example, typing


then shift+entering will print the first row of the data. (If that doesn't work, try data[[1,1]].) Likewise, data[[1,4]] (or data[[1,1,4]]) will print the 4th column on the first row.