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Mar23-08, 01:19 PM
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These energy packets are called photons and its interaction with mass is what we call light, so there is no such thing as light as is, just the interaction of the photons with mass. that effect is broken down into different forms of interaction, and the light we see is only a small part of that.

So my point is this... a photon is light and light is a photon, but its only light when it interacts with mass again, until that, its a packet of energy, not even a particle, not a carrier of light, just pure energy, and its effect becomes clear when it meets another electron, and is bounced/ reflected/ or absorbed etc and we see this energy as light.

So light could be called a energy interaction with mass, from its birth to its final arrival in your eye.

Hey I'm not too clever, this is prob totally incorrect lol.
What do you think?.

You see a photon contains all the energy needed , and its interaction with the mass it reaches shows us this energy in different ways, depending on the electrons it meets, so the so called light streaming from the sun is not light at all, but pure energy, and its collisions with mass is what we call light, photons hitting mass and carrying the info to our eyes, and some going right through and out the back of your head and some not making it to your eye etc.

So there's no light without mass, just energy with nothing to interact with, add mass and things start to light up a little, as the photons start to interact with it.

So light is a photon's interaction with mass, gravity is the displacement of space by mass, so also effects the energy as it passes through or close by this mass space interaction.

Your going to tell me I'm wrong lol, but at the end of the day, that's why I'm here.