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Andy Resnick
Apr1-08, 12:29 PM
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I like the idea of having students turn off the computers during class- I think I'll start doing that.

As far as preparation, I admit I merely skim the material prior to class as well. The amount of time I put into organizing the 6 classes into a coherent whole- selecting the reading material, preparing the class notes (distributed prior to class), etc. is slightly more than I do for lectures.

For the med students- things are a little different. In the PhD program, it's based on semester courses, with homework and tests- just like any other undergrad class, other than the teaching style. In the MD program, the curriculum is totally bizarre (from my perspective). It's based on 10 week "blocks", each block contains large, medium, and small groups. There is a 'block leader' that coordinates *all* the activities for the block, and there are medium group leaders and small group facilitators. The powers that be request that small-group facilitators are non-experts (something I disagree with, but whatever). That means that the block leader not only has to come up with the material for the students, lead 1 or 2 2-hour lectures where the material is introduced, but also has to come up with the "teacher notes" for all the facilitators, and the good leaders also schedule a prep session for the faciliators to go through the small group PBL session to calm the facilitators down and get them prepped for the small group.

And then the administration wonders why they can't get enough block leaders.....