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Apr4-08, 06:27 PM
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I can post more, but here is the gist of what they are saying.

Here we stress two points: (1) the variance
explained of the trend of global temperature is
only 40.19%, while that of the trend of CO2 concentration
in the atmosphere tops to 99.52%; (2)
Accordingly, the contribution of CO2 concentration
to global temperature variation is no more
than 40.19%, or in other words, 59.81% of the
weight of global temperature variation is caused
by non-greenhouse effect.

Despite the increasing trend of atmospheric
CO2 concentration, the components IMF2, IMF3
and IMF4 of global temperature changes are all
in falling. Thus, if CO2 concentration remains
constant at present, the effect of greenhouse
warming is deficient in counterchecking the natural
cooling of global climate change in the coming
20 years. Consequently, we believe global
climate changes will be in a trend of falling in
the following 20 years.
My take away from the article is that they have discovered that cooling trends in China preceed cooling in the Northern Hemisphere and globally. That the cooling cycle in China has already started. That their study shows that CO2 levels aren't significant enough to counter the cooling period we are entering. If they are correct, that is great news. But only time will tell. I do believe that this study has not been taken into consideration by AGW proponents in their predictions.