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Apr18-08, 06:04 PM
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Okay, I finally figured it out. I had to install Gimp on my boss' computer at work, since there isn't an Intel Mac version. So I save from Inkscape as a PDF, upload it to my thumb-drive, import it to Gimp, resave it as a TIFF, and upload to ImageShack.

I'm afraid the design isn't much, considering how long you had to wait for it. I've made no effort to put it to scale or even include any details; I just wanted to get an overview of the idea up for you while I work on it.
For the belt itself, some kind of tough mesh would be nice, but I'm thinking along the line of a strip of AstroTurf or other outdoor carpeting. Anyhow, here's the basic idea.

I really wish that I knew why all of the rollers in the chain are missing from the picture. They're still in the original.