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May3-08, 12:18 AM
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Correlations can still be preserved even by measurements like that.
Do you have any specific examples of problems where they would be preserved with these kinds of measurements? I haven't studies such problems in detail, but consider a situation where if we find one particle in an eigenstate of some measurement operator; if we keep measuring with the same operator it'll stay in that eigenstate forever (if there's no time dependence), but then if we stick a measurement with a noncommuting operator in between, then when we return to the original operator the system may no longer be in the same eigenstate. But there can't be any way this change in eigenstate can be reflected in the other, entangled particle, because if it was this would allow for the possibility of FTL communication. So this is one intuitive reason for thinking you won't necessarily see correlations preserved after you've made multiple measurements on entangled particles, where the later measurements don't commute with the initial measurement.