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Mar28-04, 10:11 PM
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...Certainly! I'm not suggesting that my proposed model would be more useful (or even as useful) than the current model, just that it is equally valid.

...Using this definition, the answer to: "Is the speed of light constant?" becomes: "Yes, even if Special Relativity is wrong, the speed of light in meters per second is constant by definition." Now the question to test SR becomes: "Do rigid rods change length?"
What model? Your model?

Or are you discussing the one in the cited article called "Conformal General Relativity"? That one is complicated, and certainly is far from being "equally valid" compared to the standard model. For instance: if matter is shrinking, the universe must have once been quite large. Where did the cosmic background radiation come from?

As you should be aware by now, just saying something is equivalent does not make it so.

As to Special Relativity being proved wrong: I have news for you, that cannot happen. It will always be useful, even if something superior to it arrives on the scene. This thread is not a debate on SR, that debate is taking place elsewhere. Please do not attempt to hijack this thread for that purpose.