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May6-08, 10:22 AM
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Kids are not going to chow down on some that tastes god-awful, so the total amount of toxin is less than it might otherwise be.

However, severe and fatal poisonings are still reported from toxic higher plant ingestion, but they are not common.
I suspect that other than kids being dared by other kids to eat something nasty tasting, or cases where safe foods get mixed in with unsafe ones disguising the taste of the bad one, the other likely place for someone to ingest lethal doses of a poisonous plant would be in a survival situation with someone whose common sense or survival skills are weak. Someone may reason that they need food and should ignore the foul taste of the berry to get some nutrition into them, not realizing the foul taste is a warning not to ingest that food.

Afterall, as the OP already noticed, those inedible berries gave him sufficient warning they were inedible before he even got one to his mouth, simply by smelling strange.